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At Safe Roads, we understand that before you build or widen a road, repair a bridge or expand a development, there’s a lot of planning, procedures, and due diligence needed to get the job done. 

Our Transportation Planning team has significant experience in moving projects from concepts to designs with our ability to complete Traffic Impact Studies, Traffic Demand Management Plans, Parking Studies, Cycling and Pedestrian Studies, Transportation Master Plans and other critical infrastructure plans.

Safe Roads Engineering is a leader in roadside safety design

Our structural engineering and design capabilities are RAQS registered in the design and evaluation of single-span structures as well as biennial inspections. We have performed more than 500 bridge and culvert inspections since our inception.

Safe Road’s Compliance services help our clients meet regulatory requirements, minimize risks and plan for the future.

Safe Roads provides scheduled and emergency inspections of bridges, culverts, structural signs, noise barriers, retaining walls, utility poles, and many other structures.

We also provide Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) services for noise barrier walls, foundations and sign support structure installations to confirm that the specified components of the work are in general conformance with the requirements of the contract document.

Our passion for new things is contagious, resulting in the development of new research areas and products

bridge removal plan for TRCA

Project In Progress

Safe Roads was recently awarded a contract to complete an inspection and bridge removal plan for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA’s) Rainbow Creek Bridge located near Thackeray Landfill Park in Toronto. The bridge was originally intended to be temporary but was left in place and is causing backwatering issues resulting in the need for its removal.

Our scope of work for this assignment includes a bridge inspection, tree inventory, bridge removal plan and design drawings, utility protection plan and preparation of a form of tender. We anticipate completing this project by year’s end.


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