Compliance Made Easy


Safe Road’s Compliance services help our clients meet regulatory requirements, minimize risks and plan for the future.

Safe Roads provides scheduled and emergency inspections of bridges, culverts, structural signs, noise barriers, retaining walls, utility poles, and many other structures.

We also provide Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) services for noise barrier walls, foundations and sign support structure installations to confirm that the specified components of the work are in general conformance with the requirements of the contract document.

Our Compliance Services

Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) ensures that an item is constructed or installed as required by the contract documents.  Safe Roads performs QVE services for contractors and municipalities and is available day or night.

OSIM inspections are required every 2 years for every bridge and culvert in Ontario.  Safe Roads conducts OSIM Inspections and is also RAQS Certified for Biannual Bridge Inspections for Single Span Bridges.