Engineering Innovation for Roadside Safety

Dream It. Design It. Engineer It.

Safe Roads is a national leader in roadside safety.

Our structural engineering and design capabilities are RAQS registered in the design and evaluation of single-span structures as well as biennial inspections. We have performed more than 500 bridge and culvert inspections since our inception.

Our Design Services

Safe Roads Engineering has several North American leading roadside safety experts and researchers working on many interesting projects.  This ensures that the design Safe Roads produces will always be the best.  And if a safety product or treatment does not exist for your challenging situation, we are aware of many solutions used elsewhere in the world or we can develop and crash test one to suit.

Safe Roads has a full-service structural engineering group that specializes in shoring system design. We have designed many shoring systems using a combinations of sheet piling, rakers, tiebacks, soldier piles and walers, caissons and gravity walls. We have designed many systems throughout the GTA and beyond and enjoy developing systems that provide distinct challenges to our designers.

For special events, construction or maintenance, Safe Roads will prepare Traffic Management Plans based on local guidelines.  We work with contractors and municipalities to ensure that the plans protect both the worksite and the public.