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Since our inception in 2013, Safe Roads has successfully completed several transportation projects for communities across Canada.

The addition of several new employees has further enhanced our capabilities, as we are now a one-stop shop for planning, design and construction services.

Safe Roads has several employees that sit on renowned committees and associations such as the Transportation Research Board, National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Ontario Traffic Council. This enables Safe Roads direct access to new approaches, concepts and technologies in the transportation industry.

Transportation Services Provided by Safe Roads
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From transportation planning to highway design

At Safe Roads, we understand that before you build or widen a road, repair a bridge or expand a development, there’s a lot of planning and due diligence required to get the job done. That’s where our planners excel.

Safe Roads has literally written the book on road safety design in Canada. Our structural designers also have performed more than 500 bridge and culvert inspections.


Safe Roads provides scheduled and emergency inspections of bridges, culverts, structural signs, noise barriers, retaining walls, utility poles, and many other structures.

Vaughan Health Campus of Care

Developed Barrier Designs for New Hospital

North Markham Conceptual Master Plan

Addressed Municipal Class EA Requirements

Toronto & Region Conservation Authority

Rainbow Creek Bridge Replacement

Highway 407 Extension

Quality Verification Engineering